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There are many common causes of shoulder pain and it is crucial to make an accurate diagnosis of the origin of your pain so that appropriate treatment can be targeted at the cause.  

Our physiotherapists at Origin Physiotherapy & Wellness are trained in assessing and diagnosing shoulder pain’

The shoulder joint is a relatively unstable bony arrangement designed as such to allow a significant range of movement of your upper limb, as a result of this bony design the shoulder joint relies heavily on muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsule and the labrum to help make it stable. Some shoulder problems are caused by the breakdown of these soft tissues, traumatic injury as well as this excessive use of the shoulder can cause shoulder pain and loss of function.  


Common shoulder injuries we treat and manage:

  • Rotor cuff injuries

  • Frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis

  • Arthritic shoulders

  • Pre/post shoulder surgical rehab

  • Persistent shoulder pain

  • Bursitis and impingement syndrome

At Origin Physiotherapy & Wellness we will develop a rehabilitation program based on our physical assessment findings.  In the early stages treatment will involve education and advice, manual therapy (soft tissue therapy, joint mobilisations, dry needling, muscle energy techniques and taping) to relieve your pain.  Rehabilitation will then progress to an individualised gym program so your shoulder can develop the strength it needs for activities of daily living.

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