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Pregnancy for many women, is generally a very exciting time, but can also be filled with many unknowns and significant change, including to your pelvis and pelvic floor. It is therefore important to make sure you have a women’s health physiotherapist as part of your care team. It is also important that this care is then provided postnatally to ensure an optimal recovery after the birth of your baby. The physiotherapists at Origin Physiotherapy offer a range of pregnancy and postnatal care services including:


Pregnancy care

  • Pregnancy care and pelvic floor assessment

  • Pregnancy exercise advice

  • Management of

    • Pelvic girdle pain

    • Swelling in pregnancy

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome

    • Prolapse and incontinence

    • Pelvic floor dysfunction

    • Bladder and bowel issues

    • Back and rib pain

    • Mummy wrist (De Quervein’s tenosynovitis)

    • Sexual pain

  • SRC garment fitting


Postnatal care

  • 6 week postpartum check-ups

  • Mastitis treatment

  • Management of

    • Abdominal muscle separation

    • Perineal and episiotomy scar pain

    • Pelvic floor dysfunction

    • Prolapse

    • Incontinence

    • Sexual pain

  • Postpartum return to exercise

  • Pessary fitting for prolapse

  • SRC garment fitting

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