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Bushfire Relief Support

Australia's 2019-20 bushfire season has been unprecedented, with thousands of volunteers nation-wide stepping up to defend their loved ones and communities, often at their own cost.

Often in times of disaster, you might feel helpless but there's actually several ways you can do your bit to help out.

Donating old towels, bed sheets, and Pillows cases to WIRES

WIRES is an Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation who due to the massive intake of injured wildlife as a result of these bushfires is in drastic need of old towels, bed sheets and pillow cases to look after animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats and more. So go digging in your laundry cupboard for anything you don't use anymore and drop it off here at Origin and we'll get it all to WIRES ASAP.

You can read more about WIRES and their work here

Donating any loose change to the RFS

In the clinic we've set up a donations jar for any loose change you might have floating around. These donations will go directly to the Rural Fire Service (RFS), who have been doing an amazing job risking their lives to save people, houses, communities and animals. Every bit counts so if you're passing by, don't forget to give what you can.

You can read more about the RFS and the current bushfire situation here

Stay safe,

The Origin Team

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