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6-Week Postnatal Check-up: Is it really a thing?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

You may have heard about the postnatal check-up that happens 6-weeks

after giving birth and may also identify this as the point at which you will

be cleared to return to activities such as running, weights, driving and sex.

When thinking about the postnatal check-up, most people think of an

appointment with their general practitioner (GP) or obstetrician and the

thought of a women’s health physiotherapist doesn’t even cross their


What a lot of new mums don’t realise is that women’s health

physiotherapists possess specialised skills to be able to thoroughly assess

and treat the postpartum body including the pelvic floor (strength, tears,

prolapse), bladder and bowel (incontinence and constipation) and any

musculoskeletal complaints such as abdominal muscle separation and

back pain. They are also able to determine a safe and individualised

pathway for return to exercise. It is important to note that this 6-week

check-up is different from the check-up conducted by the obstetrician,

GP or midwife and should be deemed complementary. You should still be

having a check-up with your obstetrician, GP or midwife separate to your

6-week postnatal women’s health appointment.

During the 6-week consultation, your women’s health physiotherapist will

assess everything that your obstetrician, GP or midwife either don’t have

the time or skills to do. Even though you may not currently have

symptoms, your women’s health physiotherapist possesses the skills to

identify issues before they turn into problems, taking more of a proactive

approach. The 6-week check-up is the perfect time to do this. Prevention

is much better than cure!

More to come soon!

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