Powered by Physio v2

Origin Physiotherapy and Wellness is proud to announce our newest health and wellness initiative, 'Powered By Physio V2'. This program aims to support your individual journey through the application of physiotherapy and nutrition to supercharge your health, physical fitness, performance and wellbeing. With our expert guidance, we will enable you to take your personal aspirations to the next level.

So, how's it work?

Step 1:

Initial Consultations

Between October 14th-18th, initial consultations will be organised with one of our physiotherapists and dietitian. From here we will create you an individualised health and wellness plan based off your goals, abilities and current lifestyle.

Step 2:

8 week



One of our highly-skilled physiotherapists will guide you through your personalised exercise plan during our fully-equipped and supervised gym sessions every week for eight weeks.

Sessions will be held on Thursdays from 5:30PM-6:30PM, beginning October 23rd  and concluding December 18th. 

Step 3:

final Consultations

In this stage, we will compare and discuss your achievements and progress made over the course of the program and provide further advice on how to maintain or progress these into the future. 

Program information

As a special gift to our customers, the entire Powered by Physio V2 program will be available at the reduced rate of $480, a saving of $520!


As this program is an individualised assessment and health plan, your private healthcare provider may cover the entirety of this program, depending on your level of cover. 


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