Physiotherapy · 29. March 2019
Powered By Physio was created to highlight the role and benefits of physiotherapy in achieving health and wellness goals and help reach each individual’s personal peak physical performance and a sustainable level of fitness.

Physiotherapy · 16. January 2019
Poor posture can result in your body becoming sore and stiff. One of our directors Natalie, discusses how to optimise your posture during sitting.

Physiotherapy · 10. January 2019
If you have been doing a lot of driving over the Christmas break, your neck and back may be a little stiff and sore. The exercises in this video are really simple but will help to relieve any neck or back stiffness that you may have. Neck movements are a great place to start to loosen up your joints, especially if you have been sitting and driving for long periods of time. You can start with these ones below. Try at least five times each. moving your neck up and down looking right to left...

Physiotherapy · 05. December 2018
Dry needling is an effective and efficient technique for the treatment of muscular pain and myofascial dysfunction. It is peformed by specifically trained physiotherapists.